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Real Estate Underwriting Secrets | Loopnet Traps

On this episode we will be going over the tools I use when underwriting a deal. We will be searching for a property on Loopnet that has basic information such as purchase price and expenses so we can find out if it is a deal or a trap. If we like the numbers we will get more information from the broker. We routinely have underwriting episodes so keep in touch and get in the room to start building your real estate portfolio.

Watch the episode here:

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Tools I use when underwriting a deal

  • Information needed when underwriting a deal

  • Expenses and taxes to take into consideration

  • Deal or a trap

About Josh Appelman

Josh Appelman is entrepreneurial and goal driven business professional. Facilitator and builder of multiple companies and real estate projects, with a specialty in both start-up and scaled growth stages. Proven fundraising and networking skills, building fruitful partnerships with hundreds of clients and delivering multimillion-dollar bottom-line growth.

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