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Real Estate Fund vs. Syndication With Eddie Austin

On this episode of the Real Estate Hustlers Podcast, we will be talking with Eddie Austin serial Entrepreneur / Real Estate Fund Coach. Eddie, is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, & CEO of JE Capital. Eddie has had numerous role models, mentors, and business experiences that helped him understand the importance of recognizing profit opportunities in changing markets. He has developed a bold, vision for a new type of real estate company which will use changes in the multifamily real estate market, and an innovative capital structure to drive profitability and aggressive growth.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • To give Value & Education

  • Ideas for JE capital are shaped by mentors and business experiences.

  • Eddie Austin’s potential without a W2 job

  • The advantages of joint venture partnership

  • The disadvantages of syndication

  • The idea, the hope is for that split to kind of equalize because that’s an alignment of interest

  • How to accumulate the eight preps until it’s, April to be paid? or do wait until it’s deployed?

  • Challenges faced in the real estate industry and how have overcome

  • Retainment of tenants

  • The difference in common structure compared to a syndication

About Eddie Austin:

Serial entrepreneur/real estate fund coach Eddie Austin. Eddie is JE Capital’s CEO. Many role models, mentors, and business experiences helped Eddie discover profit opportunities in changing markets. He envisions a new real estate company that capitalizes on multifamily market shifts and creative financing to grow quickly and profitably. Eddie creates moral businesses. He’s building firms that give back and repay investors with this drive. Eddie gets shivers from hard work, passion, and interactions. Researching the growing real estate sector in different countries and developing new ways to strengthen a real estate investment organization. After eight years of research, Eddie and Jennifer launched their first real estate investment fund.

Get In Touch With Eddie:

LinkedIn: Eddie Austin

Facebook: eddieaustinbex

Instagram: Eddie Austin

Twitter: eddieaustinbex

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