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From Silicon Valley to Multifamily Real Estate with Ed Mathews

🔥On this Real Estate Hustlers Podcast episode, we will be talking with Alex Alexander a driven Investment Specialist with a proven track record of success in identifying undervalued, niche markets. He employs expert online marketing strategies to gain early access to the most lucrative investment opportunities before they hit the market. With his expertise in Fintech and Property Management Technology, Alex currently manages 50 income-producing properties in Hawaii, generating a remarkable $30,000 per month in passive income. His investment group has seen tremendous growth, turning a $285k investment into a $1.5mm valuation. Alex is an active member of professional organizations such as Vistage, ACG, and IFS Black Card. He also hosts the High Performer’s Podcast and founder of The Performinomics Newsletter. He recently led the acquisition of 20 acres for a commercial RV park development and manages $2.5mm in AUM, distributing roughly $30,000 per month among his equity partners. With his exceptional track record, investors can trust Alex to deliver exceptional returns and drive their financial goals forward.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Multifamily real estate investing

  • Creating deal flow

  • Raising capital Property management

  • Marketing Social media for real estate

  • Digital marketing for real estate

  • Real estate team building & management

About Ed:

On this episode of the Real Estate Hustlers Podcast, we will be talking with Ed Mathews a seasoned real estate investor and the founder of Clark St Capital. With over a decade of experience, Ed built a portfolio of multifamily properties in CT and Southeast US. Ed’s journey was far from direct. For 24+ years, he worked for Silicon Valley start-ups, honing his skills in the go-go tech world. It wasn’t until 2011 Ed bought his first rental property. Over the years, Ed worked tirelessly to grow his portfolio, juggling his family, day job, and Clark St. Finally, in 2018, he left the rat race to focus entirely on growing Clark St. When he’s not hunting new projects, he can be found spending time with his wife, Patricia, their daughters, and their dogs, Caroline and Abbie. And if you catch him during basketball season, you’ll likely find him cheering on his beloved Villanova Wildcats. With deep real estate knowledge and a passion for helping others achieve their goals, Ed is a trusted mentor for anyone looking to build their own real estate empire.

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