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From Full Time W2 To Active Operator With Karl Krauskopf

On this episode of the Real Estate Hustlers Podcast we will be talking with Karl Krauskopf. Karl is a real estate developer and Managing Partner of Auroras Investment Group. Obsessed with growth, he flipped himself out of a corporate job in the healthcare industry and is now focused on helping others make their money work extremely hard through townhome construction and adding value to operational apartments.

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About Karl Krauskopf:

Karl got his start in real estate flipping houses. His business has always focused on acquiring and renovating significantly under market value properties in areas experiencing tremendous market appreciation. As Karl diversified and scaled his business, real estate development was the natural next step, and is now the primary focus of Auroras Investment Group. Located in Seattle, Washington, Auroras is a new light in real estate investing with a focus in multifamily developments such as townhomes and apartment buildings. The company is dedicated to providing a foundation for better living, built upon their five core values: respect, diligence, transparency, obsession, and creativity. Before real estate, Karl obtained his MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University. He left a position of 10 years (to pursue real estate investment full-time) where he led the strategic planning and business development for a $100M business services healthcare company.

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