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Discover the Secrets of Successful Investors


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Find out How to Evaluate the 5 Key Deal Components for Maximum Returns With Our Free Ebook

The Exit Cap

It’s one of the most important factors in any underwriting that can significantly affect returns and can be the difference between a failing investment and a successful one.

Expense Ratio

As a rule of thumb, and it changes based on the market and property size, expenses should bearound 50% of the income.

Renovation Plan

Passive investors who examine a new opportunity should inquire about the renovation plan and understand the specifics, instead of simply evaluating a high- level plan.

Demand Drivers

Demand drivers are key in every investment. It’s what draws people to a specific market/area/neighborhood.

Refinance and Bridge Loan

Many syndicators project a refinance after 2-3 years, after they improve the NOI.As a passive investor, you need to understand that when a syndicator assumes a refinance event or a bridge loan, it can significantly affect the returns calculation.


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