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Commercial Real Estate Financing & Operations With Russel Nova

Russell Nova is a principal at MTN Investment Group specializing in multifamily apartment investing. Russell is also a Principal at The Cornerstone Group which is an active debt advisory firm with over $1B in secured financing on commercial and multifamily portfolios. The cornerstone group is located in New York with offices in Miami. Russell owns and operates over 2600 doors with an AUM of $250mm from a GP/ KY perspective.

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About Russell Nova

Russell Nova is a principal, at MTN Investment Group, a privately held, multifamily investment company, and has been Investing primarily in Multifamily properties for over 5 years. MTN Investment Group is primarily focused on opportunistic Opportunities with a value-add components. MTN Investment Group has In house Property Management and Asset Management which allows us to keep a tight grasp on expenses and increase ROI for our Partners and Investors Russell Nova is also a Principal at The Cornerstone Group, which is an active Debt Advisory firm with over 1B+ in secured financing on Commercial and Multifamily portfolios. The Cornerstone Group is located in New York with offices in Miami. Today, Russell owns and operates 2600 Doors with $250MM AUM from a GP / KP perspective with his partners at MTN Investment Group. Russell is an avid investor in Multifamily and personally invests in every property that he puts under contract. Russell Enjoys spending time with his Girlfriend Kathy and their two dogs, a Pitbull named Carmella and a Frenchie named Oscar.

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