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Co-Founder & CEO of HelloData with Marc Rutzen

🔥On this Real Estate Hustlers Podcast episode, we will be talking with Marc brings over 12 years of real estate and technology experience to his role as Co-Founder & CEO of HelloData. He worked in real estate for 5 years before launching multifamily predictive analytics startup Enodo, which he sold to Walker & Dunlop (NYSE: WD) in 2019. From there he rose to Chief Product Officer and built technology that reduced W&D’s underwriting times by over 30% before returning to the startup world to launch HelloData in 2023.

Marc received his Master of Science in Real Estate Development from Columbia University and is a licensed managing broker in Illinois. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, running, and spending time with his wife and 4 children.

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Key Points From This Episode:

Automating the process of determining market rents can save time and provide more accurate results.

Capturing real-time market data from property websites can help investors and operators make informed decisions.

Computer vision algorithms can analyze property photos to assess condition quality and identify relevant rent comps.

Expense benchmarks trained on real financial data can predict NOI based on similar properties in the market.

Future developments include price versus time on market analysis and recommendations for variable lease terms.

About K Marc:

🔥On this Real Estate Hustlers Podcast episode, we will be talking with K Trevor Thompson A bit about me, I am based in Austin TX here is my full contact info:

I have invested in 31 syndications, 20 (8 full cycles) as a Limited Partner and 11 as a General Partner Sponsor. Over the past few years, I have become passionate about learning about Real Estate Investing. My Goal is to help 1,000 people to reach financial independence through Real Estate Investing. I am an avid learner, continually connecting with like-minded people. I am now an active sponsor and am very excited to partner with Massive Capital as VP of Investor Engagement.  In this position, I will create a community for our investors where we educate, inspire, and create a place for investors to feel part of an investor-friendly network. 

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